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What brand of paint does Patriot use?

We'll use any brand of paint you'd like.  Of course, different brands have different prices.  So your bid may be adjusted if you choose to upgrade from what comes standard.  As of January 2012 Patriot uses as a standard for exteriors Sherwin Williams Duracraft and Sherwin Williams Ecoselect Zero VOC for interiors.  Both are high mid-grade paints, perform well in Colorado's climate, and are moderately priced.   You can expect your paint job to last , on average, about seven to eight years with either of these products.


How long will my paint job last?

The short answer is that you should paint your home at least every seven years. However, there are several factors that contribute to the longevity of any coating:  surface preparation, type and quality of sundries utilized (primer, caulking, wood fillers, etc.), composition of substrate, exposure to the elements, etc.  Environmental factors include climate, weather, and geographic location (i.e., homes at the top of a hill are more exposed than those nestled in a valley and surrounded by trees and other houses).  Arguably, however, the biggest factor that will contribute to the life of the paint job will be the paint itself.  We highly encourage our customers to do their due diligence on the specific brand and type of paint they will use on their home.  Patriot will provide you with a list of products that we have observed have performed well in our climate over the past decade.  And don't worry, we'll do our job in providing the best preparation prior to the application of paint.


What if I want to use a color from a different manufacturer?
No worries.  Today's technology can match any color you choose to any paint you want.  All we need is a physical  sample or a swatch.  Note that there always remains a small chance of color  incongruity when matching or crossing over colors. The safest bet is always to pick colors from the brand of paint you're choosing for your home.

How much difference does an upgraded paint really make?

Outside of proper surface preparation, the type and brand of paint  you choose will be the most important factor in determing the life of the coating.  Premium products, while more expensive, are fomulated to last.  When you get a free bid from Patriot, we will provide you with a list of paints we have observed perform well in Colorado's climate.   A standard paint will last about 7-8 years.  You can expect an additional 2-5 years of life or more with upgraded products.


How will I know it's time to paint again?

​The 4 most important signs that it's time to paint your home's exterior are caulk failure, paint failure,  chalking, and wood rot.  To learn more about these important signs read this article.​


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