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Patriot's Payment Policies

Please take a moment to review these important points


After many years in the painting business, we have learned that communication and clarification are key to any successful project.  To that end, please review the following important regulations with regard to payment of your project:



  • A 25% deposit is due PRIOR to the inception of work:  Contracting is still one of the only industries where a consumer is granted a large credit without a credit check or collateral.  To keep a quality service like Patriot operating in the black, it is necessary to insist upon a deposit. 

  • Payment is due upon completion:  Once we complete the painting of your home, Patriot asks for payment in full to keep our crews and operations running smoothly.  Payment is not contingent upon receipt of the final invoice or touch-ups.  We are happy to return if you find any imperfections later, but we must be paid for the work performed. 

  • Crews cannot perform items NOT listed on your agreement free of cost:  If you see anything that you thought should be a part of the contract as per your understanding with your estimator, then this must be resolved prior to the inception of work.  PLEASE review your agreement closely to avoid these types of frustrating inconsistencies. 

  • Late fees may be imposed after non-payment:  While we very much dislike imposing late fees or even sending late notices, service companies such as Patriot rely on timely payment for work performed.  We appreciate timely payment and regret having to impose late fees against late payments.  Please note that invoice are due immediately after completion and may incur a late fee after seven days of non-payment. 

  • Patriot does not allow refunds except by express written consent of Patriot Painting Professionals, Inc.


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