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Denver Painting Contractors

Whether your painting project is big or small, interior or exterior, Patriot Painting is dedicated to protecting your interests by providing the best painting services possible.  We'll protect your newly painted surfaces with a standard 4 Year Warranty that can be extended to 5 or 7 years.  When your job is complete, Patriot Painting automatically offers you a 3-Month Open Period:  if you notice any imperfections, whether it is a warranty issue or not, we will return at no charge to remedy the issue.  Most other companies charge a per hour fee to return after you've signed off on the job.    

Exterior Painting

Our approach to exterior painting, whether residential or commercial, is unique among Denver painters.  Our ultimate aim for exterior coatings is longevity.  To this end we have trained our painters to exacting detail regarding thorough application of paint, proper use of caulk sealant, and extensive protection of unpainted surfaces.  In addition we will provide you with the important information you need to make an informed decision with regard to paint and materials. To learn more about the exterior services we offer click here

Deck Care & Restoration

Horizontal surfaces such as decks can take a beating in Colorado's variable climate.  As such they may require additional preparation steps and advanced products to produce the longest possible life.  Whether you prefer paint or stain, Patriot Painting can recommend the best product for your deck and provide the best preparation methodologies up to and including complete restoration.  

Interior Painting

Interior painting is more exacting and focus-intensive than exterior painting.  We understand that your home is your sanctuary and we respect it as such.  Every aspect of your interior painting project will be handled with care and focused attention.  We will communicate every step to you prior to starting, and once they begin, our painters will be methodical in their attention to cleanliness, crisp lines, and exacting detail.   We want you to be proud of not only your newly painted home, but also of having hired Patriot Painting to do the work.

Color Consultation

Unique among Denver painting companies, Patriot Painting offers a free color consultation with every project over $1,000.00.  A few other painting contractors offer color consultations, but no other painting company in Denver does so completely free of charge and with a professional designer who has made color and design their career.  To learn more about our color and design services click here

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