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patriot's levels of surface preparation

Garage Gate Water Cleaning. Garage Walls


This level entails pressure washing only.  Patriot uses 2500 psi which is the equivalent of a soft wash - enought to clean surfaces but not enough to damage surfaces. 

This level typically does not entail further preparing or coating of surfaces.  This is a stand-alone service. 

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Level 2 entails pressure washing and then the standard suite preparation services that include:

- Scraping away loose, flaking paint.

- Scuff sanding bare surfaces to ensure adhesion of paint.

- Priming of bare surfaces to further ensure adhesion.

- Resetting of any loose items such as soffits, trim, siding, and fascia.

- Resetting loose nails. 

- Recaulking of all surfaces as is best practices including where siding meets trim, around windows & doors, & soffit corners.

- Replacement of damaged wood and/or siding as needed.

- Protection of unpainted surfaces to prevent overspray.

- One coat application of all surfaces after preparation is completed. 

House Painting and Renovation Business C



This level includes all surface preparation services listed in Level 2 but includes a minimum of 2 coats of paint.  Three coats are automatically applied on surfaces that are 3 feet from the ground or a roof line. 

Certain surfaces automatically receive a third coat such as stucco or unpainted brick. 

The warranty for this level varies from 6 years to 12 years depending on the paint grade chosen. 

Deck Restoration.jpg


Restoration is defined as the removal of all coats of paint or stain from a surface by mechanical or chemical means in order to bring all surfaces down to the bare wood before recoating with a minimum of two coats. 

Level 4 is rarely chosen due to the added cost which could exceed 90% of the original quote.  

Should you have further questions about this or any level please refer to your Project Coordinator.

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