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Ernesto Salinas - PL2

Painter Level 2 
Composite Score:  9 out of 10
Classroom Training

PERFORMANCE REVIEW for Ernesto Salinas 03/30/16 (Bryce Wolkerstorfer)




Has shown ability to follow instructions better every month.  His aptitude to paint at a consistent rate has increased with cutting in, brush, roller and spraying. He is getting smarter every time we discuss a better way to do a process.  He has a great head on his shoulders (quote me on this)  He does not shy away from any high areas or difficult processing situations.  He is punctual and on time, even shows up early to correct any errors or learn more.  Great attitude and gets along well with others.


Needs to improve:


Attention to detail, numerous areas are missed first time thru.  Yet when I point them out he catches them immediately which leads me to believe that there is outside influence forcing him to miss the quality aspect of the job.  Understanding the phrase "working with a sense of urgency" and recording his production rate.  He has the ability, he just needs to start taking notes and becoming more dedicated to the process. Command is lacking not because he is weak but because he is an introvert.  He works well with stronger personalities and does a great job supporting the team, but he is not yet ready to lead.  Perhaps with practice and training.  If he develops into a great painter and can possibly learn to teach others I would easily pay him as much as a CC because of his consistency and loyalty.  He cares and feels bad when he screws up.  You can't fake that.

Skills/Accomplishments required to reach next rank:


- Achieve and maintain a JL1 Production Rate - ask Production Manager for needed rate to achieve this.  

- Operarational Field Experience:  accumulate a minimum of 6 additional projects . 

- Minimize touch-up call backs to 1 per month.

- Demonstrate initial command characteristics:  ask questions, be proactive, talk to customers, take the lead, etc.

- Demonstrate knowledge & execution of Patriot Process including forms, apps, and policies. 

- Maintain a clean safety record for the previous twelve (12) months.

- Maintain a minimum 8 index score for at least two weeks.

- Accumulate at least 1 commendation.

- Receive recommendation from Production Leader

Commendations (as of 03/30/16)
Commendations (as of 03/30/16)
Consistent Responsibility
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