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Ernest Carter - PL1

Painter Level 1 
Composite Score:  8 out of 10
Classroom Training

PERFORMANCE REVIEW for Ernest Carter 03/30/16 (Bryce Wolkerstorfer)



Willing to take on any task, good positive mental attitude, works well with others, wants to make his superiors and customers happy with his performance.  Has the basics down for all processes.  Has good command skills at the beginning of a project.


Needs To Improve:

Can't properly communicate where he is proficient and where he is weak.  Needs to improve his ability to complete a task properly that he has indicated he can do.  His command ability must improve in that it must reflect a willingness to do the harder tasks (such as high ladders) in order to demonstrate a willingness and propensity to lead.  Needs to improve some skills such as texturing and spraying.  Needs to improve attention to detail and willingness to dedicate attention to little details that, in the end, will affect production rate and overall job success. Needs to improve the ability to improve from his mistakes and minimize making the same ones over. Must improve ability to quickly and efficiently resolve issues as they come up.  

Skills/Accomplishments required to reach next rank:


- Achieve and maintain a PL2 Production Rate - ask Production Manager for needed rate to achieve this.  

- Operarational Field Experience:  accumulate a minimum of 6 additional projects . 

- Minimize touch-up call backs to 1 per month.

- Demonstrate initial command characteristics:  ask questions, be proactive, talk to customers, take the lead, fulfill promises, fix mistakes.

- Demonstrate knowledge & execution of Patriot Process including forms, apps, and policies. 

- Maintain a clean safety record for the previous twelve (12) months.

- Maintain a minimum 8 index score for at least three weeks.

- Accumulate at least 1 commendation.

- Receive recommendation from Production Leader

Commendations (as of 03/30/16)
Commendations (as of 03/30/16)
Consistent Responsibility
Consistent Responsibility
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